Simple landscaping ideas can turn your pool area into an exquisite tropical resort. By adding plants, waterfalls or even a gazebo – these ideas will ensure your backyard remains breathtaking all year round!

Plants that don’t shed or attract insects make excellent choices around a pool. Opt for smart garden shade solutions such as trellis-covered ivy for privacy while creating an aesthetic effect that blends naturally.

1. Plants

Plants can add color, texture and scent to any pool area while offering privacy and creating a natural atmosphere. It is important that plants that produce blooms or berries that drop into the water are avoided. Trees which shed leaves or twigs should also be placed far from pools for best results.

Planting trees and shrubs is an effective way to add height and privacy. Select varieties that thrive in your climate and provide plenty of foliage; such as ferns, bamboo, or Ponytail palms which make an excellent addition.

As another way to add color and privacy, another great solution is planting flowers or shrubs in long rectangular fiberglass planters such as Jay Scott’s Hollywood Rectangular Planter for added effect and ease of maintenance. Such additions make great pool accessories!

2. Waterfalls

Nothing compares to the magical and majestic power of flowing water to transform an outdoor pool area into an entrancing, tranquil retreat. Natural or more high-end waterfalls add balance and unity to pool landscape designs.

Plants around your pool can range from low, textural plants to colorful flowers. When selecting flowers, it’s important to keep in mind the microclimate and amount of sun it gets; plants that shed leaves or create debris could clog pools requiring additional maintenance efforts.

For an alternative look, why not add a rock garden? By mixing rocks of various sizes with drought-tolerant herbs and flowers, this type of arrangement blends seamlessly into nature while remaining simple to maintain throughout summer.

3. Fountains

Integrating a pool into the surrounding landscape requires careful planning and design. From matching hardscape materials with lush plant life to adding lighting features, there are multiple ways you can transform your backyard into an outdoor paradise.

Rock gardens and other natural elements are an effective way to unify and balance a pool landscaping design. For best results, select plants which add camouflage while fighting algae such as sweet flag or iris flowers.

Fountains not only make pools beautiful to look at but can also act as an effective sound barrier around them, making them the perfect solution for homes near busy roads or close neighbors. Aromatic flowers such as lavender and geraniums will thrive regardless of climate conditions nearby.

4. Pergolas & Gazebos

An oasis in your backyard pool can be the perfect respite from a long, hot day in the heat. Modern pools have evolved far beyond their original purpose as simply bodies of water; today they serve as stunning and natural elements to complement the look and feel of any home.

Add colorful planters featuring low maintenance flowers to your poolside area to bring color and help tie the design together. Bushes and trees also add natural beauty while providing privacy from neighbors by blocking their view of your pool.

Pergolas and gazebos are excellent ways to provide shade around your pool at an economical price point, offering partial shading while still allowing guests to enjoy being outside.

5. Lighting

Lighting adds warmth and charm to pool landscaping, offering guests a pleasant after-dark experience. Path lighting guides visitors around the backyard safely while emphasizing features such as rock gardens or stepping stones.

If you want your pool landscape design to exude tropical resort charm, incorporate palms into it. Palms bring an air of paradise into any backyard space, especially when combined with lush tropical grasses.

If you prefer not to commit to full gardens, try planting tropical plants in containers instead. This allows you to move them around according to the seasons and highlight different parts of your pool landscape design.

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